We understand the need for confidentiality and ensure it is at the forefront of all we do.

When an investigator is engaged by a new client, one of the first things we do is enter in to a non-disclosure agreement with the client. A standard agreement  can be found below, however, the pertinent points of this agreement are:

  • Any information provided by the client will not be discussed with anybody outside Territory Investigations, unless:

    • This disclosure is required by law (ie: subpoena, warrant, etc), in which case we will work with the client and/or their legal representative to ensure that confidentiality is provided as much as reasonably possible while adhering to the disclosure requirement.​ Or;

    • Disclosure is requested by the client (ie: to their legal representative, as part of an interview, etc.)

  • All case files, emails, notes, etc. are stored in a secure manner.

  • All documents and relevant correspondence will be retained by Territory Investigations for the period required by law and then destroyed. 

This agreement may be varied as required by the client.

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