Territory Investigations is an ACT based private investigations firm with a focus on providing high quality and thorough investigative services to clients.  Our investigators are largely from a state or federal police background with solid training and experience in conducting investigations, whether that be covertly through surveillance and desktop investigations or through engaging with the subjects, conducting interviews and searching for physical evidence.


Surrounding our seal are our core values. These are the very foundation of Territory Investigations and evident in everything that we do, whether it be meeting with a client to discuss their situation and requirements, conducting an investigation or interviewing a subject.  

These values were decided upon as they reflect the vision of the agency. Not just to be an investigations agency but to be one prides itself upon providing the best possible service to our clients and the community at large.

At all times, our staff and investigators will uphold these values.


noun 1.  the act of considering; meditation or deliberation. 2.  regard or account; something taken, or to be taken, into account. 3.  a thought or reflection. 4.  a recompense for service rendered, etc.; a compensation.  5. Law in a contract, or other legal transaction, the promise by which some right or benefit accrues to one party, in return for which the party who receives the benefit promises or conveys something to the other. 6.  thoughtful or  sympathetic regard or respect; thoughtfulness for others. 7.  importance or consequence. 8.  estimation; esteem. (Macquarie Dictionary 2019)

Consideration may seem like a strange value for a company to hold until you read the definitions. Almost all of the eight definitions above so very relevant to the way we will conduct ourselves.

We will act with consideration for the personal circumstances of those we come come in to contact with. We profoundly aware that an investigation can take a huge toll on not just those engaging us to conduct the investigation but those affected by it; witnesses, victims, the subject or subjects who are being investigated. We will act with consideration for all of those people.

We will act with consideration for the investigation itself, ensuring it is afforded the thought, reflection and regard that it requires.  Each case is being brought before us for a reason and we will give each case due care and attention to ensure we provide a thorough and dilligent service.

We will act with consideration towards the community and the environment.  As Canberra locals, we respect the are inwhich we work and will consider our impact upon it. This is simply about doing the right thing. We will consider the consequences of our actions upon the community. Similarly so, toward the environment. We value sustainability and the environment and will always consider our impact on the environment.


noun 1.  soundness of moral principle and character; uprightness; honesty. 2.  the state of being whole, entire, or undiminished: to preserve the integrity of the empire. 3.  sound, unimpaired, or perfect condition: the integrity of the text. (Macquarie Dictionary 2019)

Integrity may seem cliche as a core value however it is something that needs to be said. 

We will act with Integrity in all that we do. We will conduct ourselves professionally and ethically, with honesty at the forefront of our activities.


noun 1.  the state of being liable to be called to account. 2.  the expectation that public servants answer for their performance to ministers who are themselves responsible to parliament, so that ultimately all answer to the people. (Macquarie Dictionary 2019)

Accountability ties our values together. We will always take responsibility for our actions. 

We will act with accountability in all that we do.

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