Canbera Based Investigators

Using local knowledge and experience to achive results

Specialising in Factual Investigation

With extensive training interviewing children and vulnerable people

Experienced in Corporate and APS Investigations

Holding qualifications in Government Investigations and years of experience with Code of Conduct matters

For business

  • Background Checks

  • Document Service

  • Insurance Investigations

  • CV/Resume Verification

  • Fraud & Theft Investigation

  • Locating Debtors

  • WorkCover Investigations

  • Penetration Testing

For individuals

  • Infidelity and Cheating Partners

  • Missing Persons

  • Child Support Investigations

  • Background Checks

  • Factual Investigations

  • General Surveillance

  • Consumer Advocacy & Support

For Government

  • Code of Conduct Matters

  • Reportable Conduct Investigation

  • External Investigations

  • Fraud Investigation

  • Management Advisory Services

  • ComCare Investigations

For lawyers

  • Criminal Defence Investigations

  • Factual Investigations

  • Child Custody Investigations

  • Service of Documents

  • Child Support Investigations


Services for Business

Territory Investigations provide a range of commercial services. These can be due dilligence checks such as verifying education or work experience claims of new employees through to investigations of missing stock and fraud investigations.

Our investigators are also trained in conducting workers compensation investigations and can assist in testing your security processes through penetration testing.

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